About the Secondary Education Program

Our Secondary Education program is not just to provide you with the tools to educate and make a positive impact on student learning in diverse school and community settings. Through a combination of coursework and practicum experience, you'll learn how to integrate educational theory and pedagogical knowledge into various learning environments. You’re not just teaching—you're nurturing minds and guiding the way towards a future brimming with potential. The future awaits, and it's brighter because of educators like you.

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Why Study Secondary Education at CWU?

At CWU, we value learning through action.

Our education program provides many opportunities for you to step into real classrooms, building your teaching skills under the guidance of experienced educators. This approach ensures that you're prepared and confident to step into your first classroom as the primary educator.

“The Central program allowed me to develop a broad range of different skills because it was so diverse.” — Camille Jones, receiving the 2017 Washington State Teacher of the Year Award, graduated from CWU with a BA in Elementary Education in 2010.

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How much does this program cost?  

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How do I get started?

Whether you’ve always wanted to be a teacher or recently discovered your interest in education, our programs are designed to foster your growth and establish a solid professional foundation.

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Careers and Opportunities

Becoming a middle or high school teacher offers the opportunity to inspire a lifelong love for learning. With a passion for education and a commitment to making a difference, you will play a vital role in preparing students for future success and empowering them to reach their full potential.

The employment of secondary school teachers in the state is projected to have steady growth in the coming decade. Washington is a top-paying state for secondary educators and teachers make an average annual salary of $88,530.

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