Bachelor of Science in Business Administration—Personal Financial Planning Specialization

About the Personal Financial Planning Specialization

Personal Financial Planning (PFP) prepares you to become fee-for service professional planner. In this career you will work with families and individuals developing specific budget, asset management, and related planning processes. The program design and content also meets educational requirements to sit for the Certified Financial Planning Board of Standards, Inc. accreditation examination.

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Why Study Personal Financial Planning at CWU?

The College of Business has established partnerships with various financial institutions, advisory firms, and businesses, offering you valuable internship opportunities.

These internships provide practical experience, allowing you to apply your knowledge and build a professional network.

“[At CWU] I was really excited about all the opportunities, and so passionate about this whole idea of ‘I’m in college, I get to do all these things,’” Julie Penwell graduated in 2019 and studied Personal Financial Planning.

Study Personal Financial Planning at CWU

These internships provide practical experience, allowing you to apply your knowledge and build a professional network.

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Where can I find more information?

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Careers & Opportunities

With the older generation transitioning into retirement and subsequent generations moving into new phases of life, this industry presents unique opportunities for newer professionals. Students receiving this degree have had careers as a:

  • Wealth Manager
  • Certified Finacial Planner
  • Estate Planning Specialist
  • Personal Finacial Advisor
  • Tax Advisor
  • Students receiving this degree typically start their careers in Wealth Management Firms, Banks, Wire Houses, Broker-Dealers, and Accounting Firms.


The College of Business’ Career Advising and Tutoring (CAT) Center has been identified as a best practice for other schools to emulate by the AACSB review team.

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