Mariachi Heritage Certificate

About the Mariachi Heritage Certificate

The Mariachi Heritage Certificate is a celebration of a rich musical tradition that has moved hearts and souls for centuries. Every note played, every song learned, and every history uncovered is a step deeper into the vibrant world of Mariachi music. This is where you'll fall in love with the sounds of the guitarrón, discover the principles of business, and understand mariachi in the context of global music and its originating culture. Grow your understanding and embrace a community, preserving a heritage and sharing the joy of Mariachi.

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Why Study Mariachi Heritage at CWU?

In our program, learning goes beyond textbooks and lecture halls.

It's about the shared experiences of creating music together. We believe in the power of experience and provide numerous opportunities for you to perform, to practice, and to perfect your craft. In the Latino and Latin American Studies Program, you'll form bonds with fellow students and it’s in this togetherness that memories are made.

“Mariachi allows arts and culture to intersect with the Latinx community and because of where we’re located — with the migration and settlement traditions of this area — CWU is a natural fit for something like this.” Associate Professor Bret Smith

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The Perfect Fit

Smith added that he believes CWU is an ideal location to build interest in Mexican culture. Ellensburg and other cities in Central Washington have rich agricultural traditions, and a great deal of that history involves Latin American immigrants.

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