Minor in Latin American Business

About the Latin American Business Certificate

Our Latin American Business Certificate is crafted to give you the real-world insights and academic expertise needed to navigate the landscape of international business. We've designed a set of courses that diving deep into the nuances of Latin American affairs, economies, culture, and even the legal frameworks that govern business there. We're all about providing you with the tools you need to make your mark in the global business scene, with a particular edge in Latin America.

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Why Study Latin American Business at CWU?

In the Latino and Latin American Studies Program at CWU, our faculty are more than academics.

They have a wealth of experience and are willing to share their stories, insights, and knowledge about the intricacies of Latin American business with you. It's not about lecturing–it's about conversations, sharing experiences, and learning together.

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Connect and Grow with Latinx Club

CWU’s Latinx Club is a resource for students wanting to build student leadership and learn to network with alumni and faculty. Members are involved in outreach efforts to help local high school students learn about scholarships and applying to college.

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