Accessibility Studies Graduate Certificate

About the Accessibility Studies Graduate Certificate

Join us in creating positive social change, celebrating diversity, and building a more inclusive world. In our Accessibility Studies Graduate Certificate, you will explore the ways disability intersects with society and examine how accessibility affects every facet of our lives. From exploring policies, to examining technology and culture, our interdisciplinary approach fosters critical thinking and empowers you to advocate for equitable access.

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Why Choose Accessibility Studies at CWU?

Do you want to make a positive impact on the world while pursuing your passion?

CWU Accessibility Studies provides a highly relevant, inclusive, and hands-on educational experience. We emphasize practical programing alongside our coursework including internships, research projects, and community collaborations. 

“[Accessibility Studies] is the practical application for every single career out there - because we want all careers to be accessible careers. This applies to social services, but also health sciences, computer sciences, communication, English, business, construction, health and safety, even the arts.” Naomi Peterson is the Program Lead for Accessibility Studies

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Degree Explanation

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Careers and Opportunities

The demand for expertise in accessibility and inclusivity is increasing in areas such as technology, design, policy, education, and advocacy, offering diverse career opportunities for individuals interested in making a positive impact in the field.

  • Accessibility Specialist: You could be responsible for evaluating and improving the accessibility of websites, software, and other digital products, as an Accessibility Specialist.
  • Disability Rights Advocate: Promote the rights of people with disabilities through advocacy, education, and policy work.
  • Assistive Technology Specialist: An Assistive Technology Specialist helps people with disabilities access and use technology that can improve their daily lives. You can work with individuals or organizations to find and implement assistive technology solutions.
  • Inclusive Design Consultant: Consider working with organizations to ensure that their products and services are accessible and inclusive to people of all abilities, providing advice on design, policy, and training.


Paving the Way

Our Accessibility Studies program was the first in the nation to take an interdisciplinary approach that incorporates social justice issues, universal design, and international web accessibility guidelines.

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