Bachelor of Science in Business Administration—Finance Specialization

About the Finance Specialization

Finance builds on the business core and focuses on decision making in three interrelated areas: managerial finance, investments, and financial markets and institutions. With a specialization in Finance, you will learn about the acquisition and management of funds by businesses, governments, and individuals. Our finance curriculum provides the theoretical foundations and analytical skills to understand corporate financing and investing decisions, financial markets, security valuation, portfolio management, and financial planning.

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Why Study Finance at CWU?

At CWU, you're more than a number. Our smaller class sizes mean you get personalized attention from your professors. We're also committed to your success beyond graduation. Our strong career network provides resources, like internships and networking events, to assure you are prepared to diligently work in the field of Finance.

“You have to recognize the responsibility that comes with being a leader. Be empathetic and relatable. Be a problem-solver. But, most importantly, be transparent and authentic.” 1992 Alumni Zabrina Jenkins currently serves as an Executive at Starbucks, managing all of Starbucks’ legal functions, along with its global security and resiliency team.

Study Finance at CWU

Our strong career network provides resources, like internships to assure you are prepared to diligently work in the field of Finance.

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Careers & Opportunities

Upon graduation, you will have the opportunity to explore various career paths. Recent graduates have received jobs in large corporations such as Expedia, Microsoft, Boeing, Smartsheet, and Paccar.

  • Financial Analyst and Advisor: As a Financial Analyst, you will analyze financial data, such as market trends, economic conditions, and company financial statements, to provide insights and recommendations to businesses or individuals.
  • Financial Risk Specialist: A Financial Risk Specialist, also known as a risk analyst or manager, is an expert who assesses and manages potential risks and uncertainties that may impact an organization's financial stability and profitability.
  • Budget Analyst: Consider working as a Budget Analyst, developing, managing, and analyzing budgets for organizations. You will work closely with management teams to prepare budget plans, monitor spending, and ensure that financial resources are allocated effectively and efficiently.
  • Financial Manager: As a Financial Manager, you are responsible for overseeing an organization's financial operations and working closely with executives and stakeholders to develop financial strategies and ensure the organization's financial health


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