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Facilities Craft Brewing Facilities: Michaelsen 129 & 222

Our spaces include both lecture and lab areas as well as a dedicated sensory analysis kitchen and booths. Our brewing equipment allows students to gain hands-on experience and brew anywhere from 5 gallons to 1/2 barrel size pilot batches aimed at conducting pilot brews and brewing-forcused research. Our relationship with Ellensburg Brewing Company allows the opportunity for students to scale up pilot brews and gain experience operating commercial brew systems. In addition to beer, we are capable to perform research in other fermented foods/beverages of interest (e.g., mead and kombucha).

Our dedicated lab space is equipped with supplies and instrumentation to perform bench top fermentation/propagation trials as well as microbiological analyses, such as cell counting (Nexcelom Cellometer X2), automated electrophoresis (Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer), and real-time PCR (Agilent AriaMx). We also have four-individual sensory booths for students to conduct controlled sensory analyses to support their research interests. Each booth is equipped with white and red-light options and dedicated pass-through windows. Adjacent to the sensory booths is a kitchen space for sensory sample preparation and includes a stove, oven, and refrigerators/freezers.

Michaelsen 129 Lecture & Lab Space

mich129 classroom

Anvil Foundry All-in-One Brew System with 7 gallon stainless steel conical fermenters

anvil equipmentAnvil brewing system

Brewing equipmentingredient supplies

Michaelsen 222

Four individual sensory booths for controlled sensory analysis with adjacent prep kitchen

Sensory booth MICH222

Sensory booth no lightsensory booth with light

sensory lab

Analytical and Microbiological Laboratory

Mich.222 Lab

lab beakers







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