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Life Meets Academics

The Douglas Honors College Living Learning Community (DHC LLC) provides honors students the opportunity to live and learn surrounded by their peers. Residential peer mentors and community programming ensure that students feel supported and enriched. We highly encourage our first-year honors students to room within the LLC, but many students elect to keep their space in the following years, meaning the LLC is not strictly for first-years. DHC transfer students also choose to reside here during their first year on campus.

Four students posing in CWU facepaint. 

DHC students from the LLC get decked out for new student convocation.

Peer Mentoring

The DHC LLC is unique in it being the only LLC on campus to provide residential peer mentoring. This means students are assigned an experienced honors student equipped to provide the resources for academic assistance, emotional well-being, and community building opportunities. In the past, group activities have included hiking, snowshoeing, home-cooked meals, dance parties, art nights, movie screenings, and game events. Check out our staff page for contact info of current peer mentors; they would be thrilled to hear from you!

 CWU students at a table eating and smiling.

DHC students attend friends-giving at the home of a peer mentor.

CWU Students outside snowshoeing.

DHC students take on snowshoeing.

 Two CWU students gazing out at Naneum creek view.

Peer mentors lead DHC students up Naneum creek to a distant view of Ellensburg.

 Group of CWU students during a hike through Ancient Lakes Canyon.

Peer mentors lead DHC students on a trek through the Ancient Lakes Canyon.

 CWU DHC students standing around posing during their barbeque end of year celebration.

Peer mentors and student staff host an end-of-year barbeque for DHC students.

 Six CWU Douglas Honors College students posing and holding up small art canvases.

DHC students show off their work after a night of art hosted by peer mentors.

Orientation and Cultural Events

The Douglas Honors College is committed to investing in our students and the Washington communities in which we live. All students within the DHC are required to attend a curated cultural event each academic year and New Student Orientation, taking place on the first Saturday in October. These activities are designed to enhance our student community. Past cultural excursions have included museum tours, ballet productions, opera performances, exploration of historic state trails, and dramatic theater.

 CWU DHC students wearing hardhats at the CWU parkour course.

2017-18 DHC cohort climb recreation structures at orientation.

 CWU DHC students playing in a field.

2016-17 DHC cohort participate in team-building exercises at orientation.

Overhead view of a large group of CWU students attending a play. 

2017-18 DHC cultural event: attending The Great Leap play produced by Seattle Rep.

 Four CWU students climbing up a rope ladder.

2017-18 DHC cohort scales rope ladder at orientation.

Group of CWU students kneeling and posing in front of a theatre in Yakima.

2018-19 DHC cultural event: attending el Ballet Hispanico in Yakima.

Large group of CWU students posing for a picture in front of the Seattle Science Museum.


2016-17 DHC cultural event: visiting the Chinese Terracotta Warrior exhibit at the Seatle Science Museum.

Barto Residence Hall

The DHC LLC is homed by Barto Hall. Barto is the second youngest residence hall on campus and boasts of sustainable foundations, clean energy, and recycled materials. Our space on the east wing of the second floor holds a study room, lounge area, laundry facilities, and a full kitchen is floor adjacent. Notable when comparing other residence halls on campus, Barto rooms allow for rearranging of furniture which means students can tailor their own space. Because of its centrality, Barto is an ideal home for students who wish to be anywhere on campus in five minutes.

 Five CWU students posing with arms wrapped around each other in front of the Barto Hall lawn.

Peer mentors on the front lawn of Barto hall.

 Douglas Honors lounge study space.

DHC LLC lounge study space.

Douglas Honors lounge area with a TV and couches. 

DHC LLC lounge screening space.

 DHC study room with a whiteboard.

DHC LLC study room.

 DHC study room's wall decals and decor.

DHC LLC study space with custom wisdom decals.

 DHC laundry facility with a sign board that states, "How to do Laundry".

Laundry facilities on DHC LLC wing of Barto.

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