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The College of Arts & Humanities at CWU is long celebrated for its wide swath of vibrant programs, transforming students into professionals across the workforce. In our classrooms, you’ll find professors who are not just educators but also artists, writers, historians, and philosophers, all eager to guide you on your journey toward a successful future. The college's diverse programs offer you a chance to dive deep into subjects like literature, visual arts, music, and cultural studies. Here at the College of Arts & Humanities, you’ll realize that you're not just a student; you're a vital part of a living, breathing world of exploration and expression.


The College of Arts and Humanities empowers ethically minded students to reach their creative, intellectual, and leadership potential. We prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century by developing the critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving skills, communication skills, leadership skills, cross-cultural sensitivity, and global awareness that a liberal arts education provides.

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Recognized for our unwavering commitment to high-quality teaching and learning, the College of Arts and Humanities is at the heart of the success of Central Washington University. Our innovative and dynamic departments and programs challenge our students to build enduring skills for lifelong achievement through an emphasis on creative, analytical, and ethical thinking and communication. We provide personalized mentorship; an inclusive, diverse and cross-disciplinary curriculum; opportunities for research, creative activities and service outside the classroom; and participation in a lively and stimulating community. As our alumni can affirm, this rich educational environment provides the foundation for a rewarding personal life, a productive career, and a commitment to globally informed civic values. See the CWU Mission.

Diversity Statement

The College of Arts and Humanities is a community that includes and values the voices of all people. As such, we recognize the social barriers that have systematically marginalized and excluded people and communities based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, socioeconomic background, age, disability, national origin, and religion.

We are committed to the equity of opportunities, and strive to promote and advance diverse communities. We value and proactively seek genuine participation from these historically under-represented and underserved groups, and recognize them as an essential component of creating a welcoming and rich academic, intellectual, and cultural environment for everyone.

Strategic Priorities

  • Create and support a culture of mentorship across the college.
  • Support and promote strategic curricular growth and enhancement including interdisciplinary, international, multimodal, inclusive, and diverse programming.
  • Increase support for and value of scholarship and creative expression.
  • Improve visibility of CAH internally and externally.
  • Better engage alumni.

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