Amy M. Claridge, Ph.D., LMFT

Professor, Program Coordinator

Roles at CWU:



Education & Certifications:

Ph.D., Marriage and Family Therapy, Florida State University
M.Ed., Couple and Family Therapy, University of Oregon
B.A., Psychology, University of Oregon

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (WA #LF 60492102)


  • CDFS 101: Skills for Marriage and Intimate Relationships *
  • CDFS 232: Child Development *
  • CDFS 335: Relationship Dissolution and Repartnering *
  • CDFS 236: Parent Education and Guidance *
  • CDFS 344: Foundations of Marriage and Family Therapy
  • CDFS 419: Research in Child Development and Family Science
  • CDFS 436: Diversity in Families
  • CDFS 438: Attachment Theory and Practice*
  • CDFS 501: Research Methods
  • CDFS 534: Therapeutic Applications of Child Development
  • CDFS 582: Curriculum Development *

* offered online 


Dr. Amy Claridge is a Professor in the Child Development and Family Science program at Central Washington University. She is also a licensed marriage and family therapist in the state of Washington the director of the Central Washington University Family Resource Center. Dr. Claridge conducts mixed-method research related to family stress and resilience, especially in areas related to maternal and child health, unintended pregnancy, and coparenting. Current projects involve a longitudinal examination of maternal mental health and family wellbeing among individuals who gave birth in the COVID-19 pandemic; a qualitative study of grieving parents and siblings' experiences following the death of a child; and examination of cross-national differences in social policy approaches and impact on family health.