Aviation resources are integral to your airline career, offering guidance, information, and support to help you navigate their journey into the professional airline industry.

These resources often start with access to certified flight instructors and high-quality, modern training aircraft to gain practical experience.

Furthermore, access to state-of-the-art flight simulators aid in training under various weather and emergency scenarios. Scholarly resources such as textbooks, aviation manuals, and online databases provide essential knowledge about aerodynamics, aircraft systems, and aviation regulations.

These resources, combined with dedicated support from the airline partnering in the pathway program, offer a comprehensive training experience for you as an aspiring airline pilot.

Airline Partnerships

If your ultimate aspiration is to become an airline pilot, it's important to plan ahead and understand which opportunities will help you attain that goal. If you're serious about the airlines, consider participating in an airline pathway program as a way to guide your professional development and create valuable industry connections.

Horizon has partnered with Central Washington University to provide a defined path and financial assistance for talented aviators to become airline pilots. Our industry-leading Pilot Development Program allows students opportunities to develop skills and gain flying experience through mentoring and a key financial stipend.​ Please contact the department for more details.

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