Description of the Program


The curriculum has two components: (1) a core, introducing students to the geography and history of Asia and entailing a general overview of Asian life and culture from an interdisciplinary perspective, and (2) a three-fold set of courses designed to introduce students to the rich cultural heritage of Asia: Humanities, Social Sciences and the Aesthetic Experience.

Students are encouraged to enhance their programs of study with a study-abroad experience that can be arranged through the Office of International Studies and Programs.

The primary clientele served by the major includes students enrolled for a baccalaureate degree at the Ellensburg campus of CWU who want to pursue a program of study concentrating on the Asian region for various educational and pre-professional objectives. Asia/Pacific Studies students typically pursue careers in international business, politics and government service, cultural affairs, or higher education, and seek the expertise needed to frame their professional futures. Many are interested in the liberal arts structure that the interdisciplinary degree affords. Students at CWU's off-campus university centers may also select some coursework offered in the major. Students may also transfer appropriate credits from other recognized universities and study-abroad programs with the approval of the program director and administrative officer(s).

Suggested Four-Year Plan

Asia/Pacific Studies Four-Year Plan

Additional Opportunities and Benefits

Associated with the Asia/Pacific Studies program are opportunities for students and faculty to study and teach abroad in recognized exchange programs sponsored through CWU's Office of International Studies and Programs. The international study opportunities for CWU students, as well as opportunities for study at other regional and national universities, are encouraged for Asia/Pacific Studies majors. In addition, CWU faculty interested in offering or developing coursework in Asia Pacific Studies may take advantage of the rich learning opportunities available through the East-West Center and the federally funded Asian Studies Development Program (ASDP). CWU has a longstanding connection with both and is a Regional Center for the ASDP.

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