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In the apparel and textiles department, you discover a wealth of resources tailored to foster your growth and creativity. As you explore the well-equipped studios filled with state-of-the-art machinery, you realize that every tool you need is at your fingertips. Software designed for pattern-making awaits your command, while a library brimming with books on design theory and textile technology offers a sanctuary for research and inspiration. Workshops and seminars connect you with industry professionals, providing insights that go beyond the classroom. Supportive faculty members are always available for guidance, and collaboration with fellow students turns every project into a learning community. Here, you are not just a student but an emerging professional, and these resources are your stepping stones, weaving your path towards a successful career in the world of apparel and textiles.

Portrait of ATM grads togetherWe prioritize advising and student success, recognizing the crucial role they play in our student's academic journey. We strongly encourage students to engage with their advisors early on in their program and maintain regular contact throughout their studies to ensure they stay on track for timely graduation. Our dedicated advisors are here to provide guidance, support, and resources to help students make informed decisions and navigate their academic pathways. By meeting with advisors regularly, students can receive personalized assistance in mapping out their courses, selecting appropriate electives, and exploring opportunities for internships or study abroad experiences.

We understand that each student's journey is unique, and our advisors are committed to fostering an environment where students can discuss their goals, concerns, and aspirations. By proactively seeking advising, students can take full advantage of the resources available to them and make the most of their time in our program.

To learn more about programs in the Apparel, Textiles, and Merchandising department please make an appointment with Professor Andrea Eklund or email questions to

Application Process

  • To apply for a major or minor fill out Apparel, Textiles, and Merchandising application
    • If applying for the ATM major complete the entry assessment survey
  • Email the completed application to Professor Andrea Eklund (
  • Andrea will finish the enrollment process and assign you an advisor who you will meet with and create a quarterly graduation plan
  • Contact Professor Andrea Eklund for any questions about the majors, minors, or application process



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The Apparel, Textiles, and Merchandising department offer's a variety of majors and minors. Explore each in the CWU catalog.

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