You enter the world of the apparel and textiles department during one of their renowned events, where imagination takes flight. Here, you are more than a spectator; you're a part of the innovation. Whether attending a fashion show that unveils the latest trends, or participating in a workshop that empowers you with hands-on experiences, you find inspiration and connection. From the intimate discussions with industry experts to the large exhibitions displaying a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns, each event invites you to explore, learn, and contribute.

Annual Fashion Show

Student Designer Line on StageThe annual Fashion Show is a showcase entirely produced and promoted by our students. This event serves as a platform for students to apply and synthesize crucial skills that are highly relevant to their future careers in many industries. By participating in the Fashion Show, students have the opportunity to develop and hone critical and creative thinking abilities, negotiation techniques, teamwork dynamics, delegation skills, and effective communication strategies.

Through collaboration with local businesses, technicians, and clubs, our students engage in a wide range of activities to bring the Fashion Show to life. They take charge of developing publicity and advertising campaigns, organizing fundraising initiatives, coordinating models, handling merchandising aspects, designing and constructing the stage and exhibition area, and curating music and choreography to deliver a captivating show.

Model getting makeup done

The Fashion Show is an integral part of the curriculum and is directed by Professor Andrea Eklund, who instructs the Fashion Show Production Course (ATM 360). Additionally, students interested in designing are provided instruction through the Fashion Line Development Course (ATM 482), also taught by Professor Andrea Eklund.

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Check out our 2022 27th Annual Digital Fashion Show!

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