Testing Services at Central Washington University (CWU) strives to meet the testing needs of CWU students and faculty, as well as community members and visitors from all over the Northwest. Located in central Washington, Testing Services offers a quiet, secure, and distraction-free testing environment.

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About Us and Directions

Directions to and contact information for CWU's Testing Services

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Testing Resources

CWU Testing Services offers a wide variety of tests, including placement and admission tests and certification testing.

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What to Expect

CWU Testing Services offers a distraction-free, safe environment in which to take exams.

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All Tests

This is a list of all the test's offered by CWU's Testing Services

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Our range of tests includes a wide variety of nationally recognized examinations, from pre-employment screenings, to certification exams and college placement tests. CWU Testing Services is a certified testing center for several national companies, such as Scantron, Kryterion, PAN, Pearson Vue, ETS, Prometic, Comira, PSI, and CLEP.

CWU Testing Services adheres to the National College Testing Association (NCTA) Professional Standards and guidelines for post-secondary testing centers.

Pre-Test Checklist

Make sure you've ticked all the boxes below before you come for your test to ensure that you'll have you need in place for success!

  • Do you have your government issued photo ID? Double check your specific test requirements to see which ID's are accepted!
  • Have you paid for your test from CWU's Testing Services?
  • Have you paid the test provider in the event that they are a 3rd party?
  • Have you scheduled the test with Testing Services AND - where applicable - the testing provider?


Find more information about Math and English placement tests in the following section Placement Tests.

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