Internship Academic Requirements

Students taking internships for credit at CWU will need to obtain specific course information from their department such as the "Course Prefix," Department Chair, and Dean's information. In addition to these general course details, students will also need to outline specific internship course homework/assignments, learning objectives, and learning activities.

Many CWU programs provide students pre-defined internship details they should use for this process. Check the list to see if your program has specific requirements/people to contact.

If your program does not have information listed below: You may use the "Standard Intern Academic Requirements Worksheet" as a downloadable tool to help you collect the needed information. You should speak with your internship faculty advisor to obtain the needed course, department, assignment details. You should then work with your faculty advisor and your internship site supervisor to come up with appropriate learning objectives and activities for your internship.

For Program Specific Information:

General Guides/Worksheets:

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