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How do I sign up for Public Comment?

CWU Board of Trustees Public Comment Rules

Under SHB 2313, the CWU Board of Trustees will provide time for public comment at each meeting. The following rules provide the basic parameters for public comments. These rules may be changed or modified on the day of the meeting as determined by the board.

Rule 1. The deadline for individuals to sign up to speak at regularly scheduled board meetings is by close of business three days before the scheduled business meetings. Each speaker must identify themselves and the topic he or she will be commenting on via email to cwu.president@cwu.edu. A schedule for special meetings will specify when comments must be recorded.

Rule 2. Individuals with a shared position or common agenda are encouraged to select a spokesperson for their group.

Rule 3. Individuals who sign up by the deadline will have a maximum of three minutes to speak. The board chair may change the three-minute speaking time depending on the number of speakers. A speaker may not cede time to another speaker.

Rule 4. The time allotted for public comment will be no more than 3 minutes.

Rule 5. The order of speakers will be based on the order in which speakers sign up.

Rule 6. The board chair will declare when the public comment session is closed. No speakers will be accommodated after the session is closed.

Rule 7. Speakers may address any topic, except those that would fall under executive session as defined under RCW 42.30.110 and 140, such as real estate consideration, complaints or charges brought against a public employee, certain personnel issues pbeforepublic disclosure, litigation, or collective bargaining or related contractual issues.

Rule 8. Speakers may only speak on a specific agenda item once and may not repeat comments at subsequent meetings. The board chair will determine whether comments are repetitive.

Rule 9. Suppose a speaker raises an issue that would more appropriately be addressed by another individual or entity within the university. In that case, the board chair may stop the speaker and refer the speaker to that individual.

Rule 10. If a speaker addresses the Board in an uncivil or profane manner, the board chair may reduce or end the time allowed for that individual.

Rule 11. Individuals in need of interpreters or other special accommodations must contact the disability support services unit at least three business days in advance of the meeting.

Rule 12. Speakers may bring written copies of their oomments to a board meeting for distribution to the board members. Copies of the written comments shall be given to the board secretary who will ensure the appropriate distribution of the comments after the meeting. The content of the written materials must conform to the limitations described in Rule 7.

Rule 13. Copies of written comments of individuals who cannot be physically present should be sent to the board secretary and will be included in the communications to the board. Written comments of individuals who cannot be physically present will not be read aloud at the meeting.

Rule 14. Attendees may not distribute written materials inside the meeting room except as described above.

Rule 15. The board retains the right to have removed disruptive attendees from the board meeting.

[Approved BOT 5/12; Motion 12-25]

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