Contact Division of University Relations for help reaching out to off-campus audiences. We can lay out many options in addition to a brochure or a news release.

We can help you with effective communication strategies for:


University Relations creates the visual identity for all student recruitment materials, from promotional items like pens and pennants, to Facebook ads and direct mail.


With more than 80,000 alumni in Washington state alone, CWU is making outreach to alumni a priority. 


University Relations works closely with the Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations to establish mutually beneficial relationships, and to ensure communication is factual, professional, and timely.


The mission of University Relations is to tell the world about the remarkable people, programs, and accomplishments at CWU.The Division of University Relations is ready to help you market or promote a program, an event—or just about anything.

Do you have a marketing plan to promote your success? Maybe you would like to consider marketing strategies and branding with expert messaging. Remember, a logo is only a symbol, a reminder of your brand. Your brand tells your story, referring to a set of emotions and expectations, and a stand-in for how you want people to think and feel about what you do.

"Nike spent $250 to buy a swoosh. Probably a little more than they needed to. But the Nike brand, the sum total of what we think and believe and feel about what this company makes--it's now worth billions. The swoosh is just pixels." - Seth Godin, American entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker

For more information on marketing strategy and branding, contact Andrew Morse, Chief of Staff and VP of University Relations.

Your event may get along just fine with no more than an invitation, but it may need social media, earned media, and much more. The best places to start planning the promotion of an event is with our team.

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February 28, 2024


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