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Base Funding Requests

FY25 is the year to request funding from Services and Activities for the next 4 year cycle, the quadrennium, in an effort to keep your services or programming effort going. Please use the link below to access the form for submitting your request. All providers are required to submit a new request for base funding to the Services and Activities by December 1, 2024. Once your request has been submitted and reviewed for completeness, it will be placed on the web site and on the Services & Activities agenda. Review of the base funding requests will begin as soon as school starts in January 2025, you will be advised as to when you present your base funding request for your area of service/programming during the winter break.

Annual Reports

Annual reports from Services and Activities Fees users will be sent to Services and Activities and to the Dean of Student Success no later than December 1 of each year. No additional funding requests will be considered until a report has been submitted. These reports should contain, but not be limited to, the following:

(i). Detailed explanation of how allocated funds were spent.

(ii). Disclosure of non-S&A funding that supports S&A funded activities, programs, and services.

(iii). Detailed explanation of student-centered programming provided, i.e., type of program, location of program, number of students who directly and indirectly benefited from the program and how they benefited.

(iv). Detailed explanation of any fund transfers from one services and activities fund budget to another.

Please send all year-end reports via email to Erin Sargent, ( by December 1. The reports will be posted to the Services and Activities website.

S&A Annual Report Form

Supplemental Funding Forms

Interested in requesting supplemental (one-time) funding? Services and Activities Fee Committee hears requests from groups and individuals and allocates based on available funds and how well the request meets the criteria. Supplemental request forms and instructions can be found below.

You can view a listing of supplemental requests that have been allocated under the Funding Reports Section of this website. You can also view additional information regarding the requests by reviewing the Minutes, which are posted weekly.

When completing the Supplemental Request Template, please be sure to read and follow the instructions to avoid additional questioning.

Online Supplemental Funding Form


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