Registration Information

How To Register

1. Verify Enrollment Date

In order to make sure you are ready to register and get your classes it can be useful to know your enrollment date 

This can be found under the enrollment tab in the student section of MyCWU

How to find your enrollment date instructions

2. Make a Schedule

To create your class schedule first year students will be required to meet with their advisors to cooperate in planning. 

Your advisors name and email address can be found under the homepage section of MyCWU

Advisors will be able to help you understand your academic requirements and will also aid in finding classes that are available quarter to quarter to get you there. 


Sophomores and up are encouraged to meet with their advisors in the fall and spring quarters to check in on the status of your requirements and for any help that is needed. 

Additional tools that are available for planning a schedule are 

3. Enroll in Classes

Details on Enrolling in classes, as well as details regarding wait lists, can be found at How to Add/Drop Classes


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