CWU Office of Emergency Management

The CWU Office of Emergency Management is responsible for building, sustaining, and continually improving a comprehensive emergency management program that promotes institutional resiliency, departmental readiness, and individual preparedness.

Through an inclusive, all-hazards approach, we facilitate prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery activities to allow the University to focus on its chief mission areas of academics, research, and community engagement.

This website provides helpful information, tips, and resources to promote preparedness and resilience among all members of the CWU community. Do your part to become #WildcatResilient today!

If you have questions, or suggestions, or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.

The Preparedness Cycle

The Preparedness Cycle is an important tool that is comprised of five phases preparedness, prevention, response, recovery, and mitigation. These phases describe a continuous cycle of planning, organizing, training, equipping, exercising, and evaluating emergency preparedness activities and allow organizations to increase their overall capacity and resiliency to experience and recover from any type of disaster.

The Preparedness Cycle allows CWU to create university-wide strategies to plan for disasters well ahead so that we are prepared for any type of disaster, manmade or otherwise. Not all disasters can be prevented but through proactive planning efforts, the Preparedness Cycle can be an effective mechanism to plan and mitigate the risk of life and loss during a disaster.

Emergency Notification Information

The Emergency Notifications Update link serves as one of the portals for CWU official emergency information. Additionally, here are some important links for updates regarding weather, passes, road constructions, detours, and air quality.

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