University Insurance

Property and Liability Protection Information

The following is a list of various commercial insurance policies that are available, others may be available for specific activities as needed. These policies may require departmental or student purchase.
  • Master Auto Physical Damage Insurance

    All state owned vehicles are insured for liability under the self-insurance fund but NOT for physical damage. Departments purchasing a vehicle for departmental use are responsible for notifying the Director of Business services and requesting physical damage coverage be placed on the vehicle. If departments elect to obtain the physical damage coverage, the department will be responsible for paying the premium. Please contact Business Services at (509) 963-2335 regarding questions and enrollment.

  • Commercial Property Insurance

    Coverage is for the revenue generating buildings and University owned content that has been scheduled, i.e., Residential Services and the SURC. Deductibles and policy limitations apply to each covered loss.

  • Self-Insurance Liability Policy

    The State's Self-Insurance Fund is used to pay tort claim judgments and settlements arising from general liability and vehicle accidents for which the State is found to be negligent. View the Enterprise Wide Transportation Policy on state vehicle, private vehicle and rental vehicle usage when conducting “Official State Business”. Detailed information on claim processing can be found at the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services (link is external) website. Please contact the Director of Business Services with all claims information and questions.

  • Excess Varsity Athlete Medical Insurance

    For information on the Athletic Departments excess varsity athlete insurance coverage and what to do when an injury occurs please contact the Head Athletic Trainer at (509) 963-1915 for coverage limits and claim forms.

  • International Travel Insurance

    This plan takes over in a foreign country, where your regular hospitalizations and medical policies may not provide coverage. This policy provides accident and sickness, emergency medical evacuations, and repatriation of remains coverage while traveling abroad. Please contact Steve Cook in International Programs regarding coverage, options, and enrollment.

  • Public Employees Blanket Bond (also known as Fidelity Bond)

    Public Employees Blanket Bond, including faithful performance of duty. Loss sustained by the Insured through any fraudulent or dishonest act or acts committed by any of the employees, acting alone or in collusion with others, during the bond period; subject to policy exclusions and limitations. Discovery period is one year.

  • Master Excess Medical Day Care Insurance

    Excess / Special Risk Accident Insurance policy for registered students attending the University's licensed Day Care program. Please contact the Director of Business Services for information.

  • Boiler & Machinery Insurance

    Sudden and accidental damage, including breakdown of covered boilers and machinery or part thereof that requires repair or replacement. Please contact the Director of Business Services for Limits of Coverage. Deductibles and policy limitations apply to each covered loss to scheduled boilers and machinery. Boiler & Machinery FAQ's

  • Rented Vehicles and Equipment

    The University does not carry property insurance for rented vehicles or equipment, with the exception of vehicles rented on the state contract with Enterprise Car Rental. Therefore, anyone renting a vehicle or equipment on behalf of the university from any rental agency must purchase liability and physical damage coverage at the time of the rental.

    ***At all times, university employees should try to rent vehicles from Enterprise under the State of Washington contract #05104. This contract provides coverage if the rental vehicle is damaged as well as liability coverage.***

  • Property Insurance

    Except for property obtained through the sale of bonds, such as Auxiliary Services Housing and Dining facilities, the University does NOT insure against property loss. Likewise, the personal property of employees and students is not covered unless by their own homeowner's or renter's policy.

  • Summer Camps

    There is no pre-arranged coverage for this exposure. University camp directors need to report all camps to the Director of Business Services prior to the start of the camp. Coverage includes limited excess / medical insurance for each participant and will be billed to the camp.

  • Aviation Liability and Aircraft Insurance

    Please contact the Director of Business Services before acquiring or first using aircraft on behalf of CWU. Insurance coverage is NOT automatic. Coverage for this exposure is specifically excluded from our state self-insurance policy.

  • Foreign Liability Insurance

    The Foreign Liability Policy provides general and automobile liability coverage for state employees traveling on state business, outside the United States and its territories. The policy provides worldwide coverage excluding the USA and its territories, and any country or jurisdiction which is the subject of trade or economic sanctions imposed by the laws or regulations of the United States of America. For a current list of sanctions, please see the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) website. Some examples of countries with sanctions include, but is not limited to; Cuba, Somalia, North Korea, Libya, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, Burma, Belarus, Balkans, Cote d’Ivore. For excluded/sanctioned countries, additional time will be needed to try and obtain an exception to the exclusion with our carrier. Please contact Director of Business Services prior to arranging for any travel services. We will need to submit the license issued by OFAC to the Universities foreign liability carrier to determine if coverage will be provided on a case by case basis.

    Coverage for foreign liability is specifically excluded from our state self-insurance policy. Therefore, it is important that all foreign travel is reported in advance when doing authorized business abroad for the University. Coverage needs to be included in the Travel Authorization form as a line item, please contact the Director of Business Services for the current premium that will be billed. Failure to do so will result in you and the University not having insurance coverage for your foreign liability exposures.

  • Marine Liability and Hull Insurance

    Please contact the Director of Business Services, before acquiring or first using watercraft on behalf of CWU. Insurance coverage is NOT automatic. Coverage for this exposure is specifically excluded from our state self-insurance policy.

Insurance questions can be directed to:

Toni Burvee, Director of Business Services
Phone: (509) 963-2335



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