• Budget Calendar


    • Main Drivers for current Fiscal Year are confirmed
    • Board of Trustees Approves the current Fiscal Year Budget, along with any necessary adjustments
    • Housing Rate Increase to BOT for next fiscal year
    • Financial Drivers for the upcoming Fiscal Year budget are estimated
    • Preliminary Revenue Estimates are shared with PBAC, for upcoming fiscal year
    • Next Year's State Budget Model Calculations are shared with VP's/Deans
    • All fee changes are due (1/31)
    • Current Year Forecast information is updated in CATPlan
    • Academic College Budgets are due to Provost
    • Draft of the Upcoming year Budget is presented to PBAC
    • Draft Budget for upcoming Fiscal Year are Distributed to Unit Heads
    • Current Fiscal Year budget/finances - Presented to Board of Trustees
    • All new/adjusted fees are approved for upcoming Fall
    • Upcoming Fiscal Year Working Budget - Presented to PBAC
    • Current Fiscal Year Working Budget - Presented to Board of Trustees

  • Budget Support by Fund and Division

    Fund 000/Foundation: Juliana Lowe

    Fund 063/Capital Funds: Tracy Jackson

    Fund 522/S&A Funds: Lacy Lampkins

    Fund 573/Enterprise Funds: Trent Bucy

    Fund 145 and 146/Grants: Heather Harrell

    Fund 149/Fund 148: See Division Breakout List Below

    • President’s Office: Brenda Mofford
    • Finance and Administration
      • Departments starting with 504: Tracy Jackson
      • All other departments: Brenda Mofford
    • Student Engagement and Success
      • Departments staring with 4: Janet Arentzen
      • Departments staring with 2: Lisa Plesha
    • University Wide
      • Mandatory: Brenda Mofford
      • Allotment Control: Lisa Plesha
      • State Earmarked Funds: Lisa Plesha
    • Academic Administration
      • Provost Office: John Logwood
      • College of the Sciences: John Logwood
      • College of Arts and Humanities: John Logwood
      • College of Business: Sheri Kinnan
      • College of Education and Professional Studies: Sheri Kinnan
      • Library: Sheri Kinnan
      • Undergraduate Studies: Sheri Kinnan
      • Graduate Studies: Sheri Kinnan
      • Extended and Global Education: John Logwood

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