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Sharing some frequently asked questions about the CWU Alumni Association.

Through the CWU Alumni Association, you have access to a network of professionals, intellectuals, and friends who share your educational roots, designed to foster connection and encourage personal and professional growth with fellow Wildcats.

Recent updates in the program from a paid membership model to an all-inclusive model means an even better reason for you to be involved. Below are some answers to a few frequently asked questions. Please let us know if you have other questions or suggestions as we continue to evolve what 'membership' means. 

CWU Alumni Association Membership Changes FAQ

More information about the changes in the Alumni Association.
  • What is changing at the CWU Alumni Association?

    Starting July 2023, the CWU Alumni Association (CWUAA) will begin phasing out our previous dues-based membership programs and relaunch with a free and all-inclusive model of lifelong belonging for all Wildcat alumni and friends. The organizational structure, function, and mission of the alumni association remains the same.

  • Why is the association making this change?

    Moving to an inclusive, free model allows the CWUAA to achieve its vision of building a passionate Wildcat Nation and better serve CWU alumni and friends around the world. The CWUAA Board of Directors has made this change in close consultation with CWU leadership as a proactive response to our local experience of a national trend of declining alumni engagement. This move marks a shift in engagement strategy away from an optional, members-only program (currently engaging only 1.4% of CWU alumni) in favor of building an inclusive alumni culture of lifelong affiliation, belonging, and support of the CWU community.

  • Without membership dues, how will the CWUAA receive funds?

    While the CWUAA has relied on membership dues for a substantial part of operating costs to facilitate engagement events and programs, there were costs associated with a paid membership model. In addition to the cost savings from no longer having a paid membership program, the CWUAA will employ a three-tiered strategy to financially support operations.

    1. The CWUAA will seek avenues for increased donations to support alumni operations and participate in the integrated CWU annual giving strategy, implementing annual drives to appeal for charitable gifts.
    2. The CWUAA is working to develop new business partnerships that will provide value to the 107,000 alumni and friends throughout the world.
    3. As these strategies are developing, the CWUAA will receive three-year transitional support from CWU. This support demonstrates the investment of CWU in the long-term success of the CWUAA and our work to engage alumni and friends of Central.
  • How can I stay connected to the CWU Wildcat family after this transition?

    Beginning fall 2023, the CWUAA will invite all CWU alumni and friends to connect and engage on WildcatsConnect, a new, CWU-specific engagement platform designed to connect generations of CWU Wildcats across the globe. This online portal helps alumni harness the social capital that comes with belonging to the Wildcat family. WildcatsConnect is free and will facilitate networking, career support, job postings, online alumni groups, mentorship programs, and will showcase upcoming alumni events.

  • I am a current CWU Alumni Association member, what will happen to my membership?

    As CWUAA members, you have demonstrated commitment and dedication to the CWU Wildcat family. Annual memberships will continue to be honored but will end after your current subscription period and renewals will not be available.

    Lifetime members have made a critical investment and lifelong commitment to the CWU family, and your status as a lifelong member will be held on record and in the highest regard as we transition membership models. It is through the support of lifetime members that we are able to entertain making this shift to next level engagement and over the coming year, the CWUAA will hold exclusive programs and events for lifetime members to honor your status. At this time, no new lifetime memberships will be available.

  • What if I didn't graduate or even attend CWU? Is there a way for me to be involved in the CWU Wildcat family?

    Absolutely! Many local community members, student mentors, Wildcat parents, and donors did not graduate from or attend Central. The CWUAA recognizes and welcomes these individuals as part of the CWU Wildcat family as Wildcat friends. We recognize and that some of CWU’s most ardent supporters are Wildcat friends and non-graduate alumni and celebrate the many ways they support the CWU community.

  • I attended CWU, what are my benefits as an alumnus?

    If your lifelong connectivity with fellow Wildcats in career sectors across the globe wasn’t enough, we are also happy to provide additional benefits to our CWU community. Many of the current benefits are already open to all alumni or will be available to all alumni and friends through the WildcatsConnect platform. Library borrowing will transition to the CWU Library Community Borrowing program and other current benefits and discounts are being transitioned and will be communicated at that time. More to come.

    Current Benefits Available to Alumni:

    • WildcatsConnect Account Access
    • CWU License Plate Program
    • CWU Wine Club Access
    • Liberty Mutual Insurance Discounts
    • Access to CWU Recreation Programs
    • CWU Continuing Education Discounts
    • Home Football Access to Alumni Plaza
    • CWU Crimson & Black Magazine and Alumni Newsletters
    • CWU Career Services Support

    Alumni Benefits Changing:

    • CWU Library: Transitioning to Library Community Borrowing Program*
      *Excludes online database access.
    • Wildcat Shop: The Wildcat Shop will feature alumni specials throughout the year.

    Discontinued Programs:

    • 1st Security Affinity Credit Card Program
    • Alumni Association Membership Cards
    • Travel and Retail Discount Programs
    • Lifetime email access

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