How to Help a Friend

Individuals who are contacted by a person affected by a bias motivated incident should encourage that person to:

  • Contact law enforcement
  • Talk with the university's Vice President of Diversity and Inclusivity

If the victim wishes to speak only to you:

  • Ascertain whether the victim needs immediate medical assistance. Ask the victim directly if they are physically alright. If the victim needs medical attention, refer them to the Emergency Room, Kittitas Valley Healthcare or the University's Student Medical and Counseling Center.
  • Find out the victim's most critical concerns and respond in a non-judgmental way. Recommend appropriate resources for the victim and feel free to consult with the Incident Response Coordinator for additional guidance.
  • Remember, the person affected may wish to do nothing further, other than have this conversation.
  • Report the incident to Law Enforcement (names of victims are not required) so the university can comply with legal reporting requirements.


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