Inclusivity and Diversity Statement

Central Washington University will be most successful when equity, diversity, and inclusion are in every program, every College, and all throughout the university.

These values are embedded in the mission of CWU and we must continue to strive and hold ourselves accountable for the commitment.

Diversity is critical to our academic excellence, ways of thinking, and our artistic expression and is only enhanced by a broad range of experiences and ideas. We must encourage, inspire, and create spaces where all identities thrive on campus and create new ways of looking at the world through inquiry, methods, discoveries and solutions. Living, learning and doing in a diverse community guarantees our strength as a community that is key to excellence and will only make us better. As our world becomes more diverse we must arm our students and ourselves with the ability to embrace and engage with diversity in all parts of our lives where we learn, work, play, and live.

Reaching CWU's goal for equity, diversity, inclusion and social justice is not going to happen overnight, nor is it easy. We have made progress through the commitment, passion and attention of many on campus and will continue to broaden the impact of equity issues across campus.


Land Acknowledgment

Central Washington University acknowledges the people who have been on this land since time immemorial. The Ellensburg campus is on lands ceded by the Pshwanapum and other bands and tribes of the Yakama Nation in the Treaty of 1855. The Yakama people remain committed stewards of this land, cherishing it and protecting it, as instructed by elders through generations. We are honored and grateful to be here today on their traditional lands, and give thanks to the legacy of the original people, their lives, and their descendants.

These pages share information for current and prospective Students and Employees at CWU. For information on our Student Diversity and Equity center, visit the Student Diversity and Equity Center's website.

Comprensive Land Acknowledgment Information (PDF)

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