Academic Advising

Through guidance and support from our expert academic advisors, we will help you navigate college classes, 4-year plans, enrollment, choosing the right major, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Access to these valuable tools will help you make the most of your college experience. Let's work together, laying the groundwork for your future at Central Washington University.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pierce County Advising

  • How do I know who my advisor is?

    Your advisor is listed in MyCWU. If an advisor is listed in your MyCWU click on "Details" for their contact information. Otherwise, advisors are listed on the advising website by major, undecided and special programs. Continue through the pages until you find the appropriate advisor. Their contact information will be listed under their name.

  • How do I declare a major or minor, or change my program?

    When you are ready to declare a major or minor, contact your advisor for next steps. You can also declare through MyCWU. Learn how through the MyCWU Student User Guide. 

    You can also change or drop a program through MyCWU, but we do recommend meeting with an advisor if you are planning to make any significant changes.

    Program Change Guide (pdf)
  • When should I see my advisor?

    Generally, see an academic advisor at least twice an academic year and at least 2 weeks ahead of your enrollment for the next quarter

    During sophomore year, meet with an advisor to create a graduation plan (if you haven’t already) no later than the first quarter of your Junior year.

  • When do I register as an incoming student?

    Students should keep a close eye on their CWU email for advising communications. If a student has previously earned college credit, they should make sure to have updated official transcripts or test scores (Advanced Placement, CLEP, etc) sent to CWU Admissions.

  • I need more help, who do I contact?
    Contact our advisors!

    Brittany Sefton
    College of Business Advisor
    (509) 963-3868

    Amy Meyers
    Office of Field Experiences Program Specialist
    (509) 963-3840

    Douglas Jensen
    Academic Advisor CEPS Advising and Teacher Academies

    Susan Mayne
    Elementary Education Program Coordinator

    Kelly Zakel-Larson
    Sociology Advisor
    (509) 963-1305

    Rachel White
    ITAM Advisor
    (509) 963-2620

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