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You log into your virtual classroom, a space where geographical boundaries vanish, and a world of knowledge awaits at your fingertips. Online learning opens doors that may have once seemed closed, allowing you to pursue educational opportunities that fit your schedule, your lifestyle, and your goals. Whether you're taking a single course to expand your skills or embarking on a full degree program, the digital classroom adapts to you. You interact with professors and classmates through chat forums, video conferences, and shared documents, cultivating a sense of community despite the physical distance. Flexibility is a hallmark of this educational approach, and it's your determination and curiosity that guide your path. You are both a student and an architect of your learning experience, empowered by technology to shape your educational journey as you see fit.

Central Washington University is a national leader in providing access to high quality, personalized online education with faculty committed to teaching and student success. We offer fully-accredited online undergraduate degree programs and certificates with hundreds of courses delivered online each quarter.

Online offerings at CWU are meant to:

  • Provide more flexible access to content and instruction for learners who prefer not to attend traditional face-to-face offerings
  • Provide greater educational course and program selection for students
  • Improve time-to-degree completion by offering students greater course scheduling flexibility

If you have more questions about a specific program, or the admissions and enrollment process for online learning, please complete all of the details in the "Request more information" form on the left.

Take the next steps towards completing your degree with affordable, convenient, and flexible online programs delivered where you live!

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