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On December 30:

1905 — Morton Prince published his book The Dissociation of a Personality, a classic case study of the multiple personalities of his patient "Sally Beauchamp."

1920 — At its annual meeting, the APA adopted a plan to devote six issues per year of Psychological Bulletin to abstracts of psychological literature. This was the first form of the present Psychological Abstracts, which began independent publication in 1927. The first abstracts issue of Psychological Bulletin was the January 1921 issue.

1930 — The University of Iowa dedicated its new psychology laboratory while the APA held its annual meeting on the Iowa campus. University of Iowa president Walter Jessup conducted the ceremonies. Addresses were given by Howard C. Warren, Walter Miles, Charles Judd, Edward A. Bott, and Robert S. Woodworth.

1932 — Gordon Bower was born. Bower is a cognitive psychologist specializing in studies of human learning and memory, with particular attention given to the effects of imagery, organizational factors, and emotional states. APA Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award, 1979; American Psychological Society President, 1991.

1940 — The first official annual meeting of the Canadian Psychological Association was held at McGill University in Montreal. President Edward A. Bott presided over the 26 psychologists in attendance. Presenters included Magda Arnold, Donald O. Hebb, C. Roger Myers, L. S. Penrose, and Mary D. Salter. The annual dues were set at $2.

1968 — The first meeting of the International Society for Developmental Psychobiology was held in Dallas.

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