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On December 11:

1794 — Philippe Pinel read his "Memoir on Madness" to the Society for Natural History in Paris. The report described Pinel's humane methods of treatment ("an intelligent mixture of affability and firmness") and appealed to the Revolutionary government to build asylums appropriate to these enlightened practices.

1880 — Josef Breuer began his treatment of 21-year-old "Anna O." Breuer's treatment of Anna O.'s symptoms marked the starting point of the psychoanalytic method, refined and elaborated by Breuer's partner, Sigmund Freud.

1893 — The journal Psychological Review was first published. James McKeen Cattell and James Mark Baldwin were editors of the journal when it first appeared. This journal and three others were transferred to the APA by their owner, Howard C. Warren, by purchase and gift, in the years from 1925 to 1938.

1894 — William Clark Trow was born. Trow applied psychology to the resolution of educational problems. His textbook Educational Psychology was the first to discuss the practical problems teachers faced in classrooms. Trow helped establish school psychology as a professional field in Michigan.

1897 — Thelma Gwinn Thurstone was born. Thurstone's expertise was in mental testing. She collaborated with Louis L. Thurstone on the production of the Primary Mental Abilities Battery, the first application of factor analysis to the mental measurement of large groups.

1907 — Herbert F. Wright was born. Wright was a pioneer in environmental psychology. His early work with Roger Barker in Oskoloosa ("Midwest"), Kansas, established the measurement units and research paradigms of ecological psychology. His later independent work focused on the effect of community size on the development of children.

1948 — The first meeting of the Intercollegiate Psychological Association was held at Teachers College, Columbia University. Seventeen member colleges were represented.

1950 — Chlorpromazine (Thorazine) was first synthesized at the Laboratoires Rhone-Poulenc/Specia. A commonly used antipsychotic drug, chlorpromazine was first developed as an antihistamine. Henri Laborit found it useful in reducing surgical shock. One reason it was tried on patients with schizophrenia was because, like cold-water bath treatments, it lowered body temperature.

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