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On December 3:

1855 — William H. Burnham was born. Burnham directed work in educational psychology and community mental health at Clark University under G. Stanley Hall. He was one of the founders of the mental hygiene movement of the early 1900s. His book The Normal Mind was especially influential.

1887 — Carl Murchison was born. Murchison founded and edited many American psychology journals, including the Journal of General Psychology (1927) and the Journal of Social Psychology (1930). In the 1930s, he edited comprehensive handbooks of child psychology (1931), general experimental psychology (1934), and social psychology (1935).

1895 — Anna Freud was born. Sigmund Freud's youngest daughter was his constant companion and became a prominent child psychoanalyst. She refined and expanded the concept of defense mechanisms of the ego. She founded the Hampstead Child Therapy Center in England.

1953 — The first meeting of the Southwestern Psychological Association (SWPA) began at the Gunter Hotel in San Antonio, Texas, in conjunction with the Texas Psychological Association meeting. Wayne H. Holtzman was chair of the SWPA organizing committee. The first independent meeting of the SWPA began on December 16, 1954 in Oklahoma City. Gardner Murphy was president at that time.

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