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On November 28:

1660 — A group of 12 experimental philosophers met in the London quarters of Lawrence Rook. The group founded a "Colledge for the promoting of Physico-Mathematicall Experimentall Learning," which soon became Great Britain's Royal Society.

1792 — Victor Cousin was born. Cousin was a French philosopher whose contention that experiences were built from sensations led to an ontology that considered God the prime cause of all events. Cousin's Elements of Psychology (1834), as translated by Caleb S. Henry, was the first book published in the United States with the word psychology in its title.

1904 — Hans Wallach was born. Wallach's areas of research included the perception of form through motion, the organization of movement, and the use of perceptual learning or counteradaptation to reveal relations between perceptual information systems. APA Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award, 1983.

1964 — The Old Saybrook Conference, a milestone in the humanistic psychology movement, was held in Old Saybrook, Connecticut.

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