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On November 3:

1851 — The Illinois State Hospital for the Insane, the first state mental hospital in Illinois, opened for the admission of patients. J. M. Higgens was the first medical superintendent. The hospital resulted from an 1847 expos‚ of neglectful treatment conditions presented to the state legislature by mental health care crusader Dorothea Dix. The name of the hospital was later changed to Jacksonville State Hospital.

1938 — Henry A. Murray's book Explorations in Personality: A Clinical and Experimental Study of Fifty Men of College Age was published. The staff of the Harvard Psychological Clinic assisted in writing the book.

1940 — The National Research Council appointed the Emergency Committee in Psychology to mobilize psychological skills for service in World War II. The members were Gordon Allport, Robert Brotemarkle, Leonard Carmichael, Karl Dallenbach, Carl Guthe, Walter Hunter, Walter Miles, Carroll Pratt, Dael Wolfle, and Robert Yerkes.

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