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On October 11:

1885 — Sigmund Freud left Vienna to study under Jean-Martin Charcot in Paris. Freud's four-month sojourn at the Salpêtrière was so influential that Freud named his first son after Charcot. Click here for a photo of Charcot, dedicated to Freud.

1898 — Frank Samuel Freeman was born. Freeman was an educational psychologist whose Theory and Practice of Psychological Testing (1949) was an influential book in that field.

1929 — The Rutgers Psychological and Mental Hygiene Clinic was established by the trustees of Rutgers University. Henry E. Starr was the first director of this early clinic. The clinic specialized in evaluation, treatment, and research in learning and developmental disabilities.

1976 — Sandra Wood Scarr and Richard A. Weinberg's article "IQ Test Performance of Black Children Adopted by White Families" was published in the American Psychologist. IQ score gains were a strong argument for an environmentalist view of intelligence.

1991 — The National Science Foundation announced the formation of a separate Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences Directorate, created by dividing the former Biological, Behavioral, and Social Science Directorate. Sociologist Cora Marrett was named to head the new division on January 30, 1992.

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