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On August 25:

1921 — Hans H. Strupp was born. Strupp carried out some of the pioneering research studies of the psychotherapeutic process. His writing has reported the critical components of psychotherapy, relevant patient and therapist characteristics, the measurement of outcomes, and the problem of negative effects. APA Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions, 1987.

1929 — Edwin G. Boring wrote the foreword to his enduring text History of Experimental Psychology.

1954 — Abraham Maslow's book Motivation and Personality was published. The book explained Maslow's hierarchical theory of human motivation toward the self-actualized state.

1954 — Volume 1 of Gardner Lindzey's Handbook of Social Psychology was published. Volume 2 followed on October 7, 1954.

1959 — President Eisenhower signed Public Law 86-209, an Act of Congress authorizing the National Medal of Science. The award was first presented in 1962 and the first psychologist to win the award was Neal E. Miller, in 1964.

1974 — The Journal of Black Psychology was first published by the Association of Black Psychologists. William David Smith was editor of the journal.

1977 — The American Association of State Psychology Boards adopted its guidelines for licensure applicants.

1981 — The first APA Division 29 (Psychotherapy) Jack D. Krasner Memorial Award was presented to Annette M. Brodsky and Gerald P. Koocher. The presentation was made at the APA convention in Los Angeles.

1986 — APA's Division 1 (General Psychology) presented its first William James Book Award for an integrative publication in psychology to George Mandler for his book, Mind and Body (1984).

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