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On August 7:

1916 — Hans-Lukas Teuber was born. Teuber specialized in the study of brain mechanisms involved in visual perception, with special attention given to the effects of brain injury on vision. Karl S. Lashley Award, 1966; NASA Achievement Award, 1969.

1921 — The Library of Congress received its copy of the first issue of the Journal of Comparative Psychology. Williams and Wilkins published the journal until 1947, when the APA purchased it and named it the Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology (JCPP). In 1983, the JCPP split into the Journal of Comparative Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience.

1977 — The Washington Post carried a feature article describing the U.S. government's interest in psychic research. The article contended that the Central Intelligence Agency, the U.S. Navy, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and other federal agencies have supported and uncritically accepted the findings of studies in parapsychology.

1989 — The first offices of the American Psychological Society first opened, in the words of its first executive director, Alan Kraut, "above a liquor store in a seedy part of Northeast DC." Since 2006, the name of this organization has been the Association for Psychological Science.

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