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On July 18:

1880 — This is the date of the snake hallucination that resulted in the hysterical symptoms of "Anna O.," a patient of Josef Breuer and Sigmund Freud.

1881 — Henri Piéron was born. Piéron was a versatile and prolific French psychologist. He promoted a behaviorally oriented psychology through research in sensation, individual differences, applied psychology, physiological psychology, and comparative psychology. He established the Institut de Psychologie at the University of Paris (1920).

1892 — Lightner Witmer passed his doctoral oral examination at the University of Leipzig under Wilhelm Wundt, receiving the grade of magna cum laude. The degree was formally awarded on March 29, 1893. Witmer was a founder of the APA and an originator of modern clinical psychology.

1918 — In a telegram to the U.S. Army chief of staff, General John J. Pershing recommended mental testing of soldiers before overseas duty. Pershing wrote, "prevalence of mental disorders in replacement troops recently received suggests urgent importance of intensive effort in eliminating mentally unfit." The telegram was a turning point in military psychology.

1921 — Aaron T. Beck was born. Beck is known for his theory and research relating to the assessment and treatment of the cognitive bases of depression and suicide. His Beck Depression Inventory is an instrument commonly used to measure the strength of depressive beliefs. APA Distinguished Scientific Award for the Applications of Psychology, 1989.

1959 — The newsletter of the Christian Association for Psychological Studies was first published.

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