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On July 15:

1662 — The first charter of Great Britain's Royal Society was sealed in London. This is usually cited as the formal founding date of the Society.

1808 — The New York Lunatic Asylum opened. This early mental hospital was a branch of New York Hospital, created when the need for a mental treatment facilities outgrew the main hospital building. In 1821, the institution changed its name to the Bloomingdale Asylum and moved to another new building.

1918 — Brenda Langford Milner was born. Her studies of brain localization have shed light on the roles of the hippocampus and the temporal lobe in memory, the causes of epilepsy, and the nature of hemisphere dominance. APA Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award, 1973.

1936 — The Association of Consulting Psychologists (ACP) petitioned the APA for affiliate status. Gertrude Hildreth was president of the ACP at the time. The petition was tabled at the 1937 APA meeting and was not acted on at the 1938 meeting.

1941 — Psychologist John C. Flanagan was commissioned in the U.S. Army Air Forces with the rank of major. Flanagan immediately became the director of the Aviation Psychology Program (APP). Other members of the APP were nominated by the U. S. Civil Service Commission, the APA, and the American Association for Applied Psychology. The APP was primarily responsible for selection, classification, and training of Air Force personnel in World War II.

1951 — The International Union of Psychological Science was founded at the International Congress of Psychology in Stockholm. The organization's original name was the International Union of Scientific Psychology.

1975 — The first edition of the National Register of Health Services Providers in Psychology was published, with 6,877 registrants included. The register was edited by Alfred Wellner.

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