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On June 15:

1826 — British surgeon James Wardrop reported to the Royal Society that he had created an artificial pupil for a woman who had been born blind. His paper described the perceptual problems caused by the patient's new visual ability.

1854 — Hermann von Helmholtz published his work on the speed of nervous conduction in an article titled "On the Velocity of Some Processes in Muscles and Nerves." Helmholtz estimated the speed of nervous conduction to be 90 ft/s (27 m/s).

1873 — Max F. Meyer was born. Meyer promoted a vision of psychology that resembled and preceded Watson's behaviorism but did not attract Watson's following. His experimental work was primarily in the area of acoustics.

1887 — The first annual meeting of the Society of the Sigma Xi, the science honor society, was held. The first president was Henry S. Williams.

1902 — Erik H. Erikson was born. Erikson was a psychoanalyst trained by Anna Freud. His theory of development described psychosocial stages marked by focal crises at each stage, extending from infancy to old age. His writing was strongly influenced by field studies in cultural anthropology.

1916 — Lewis M. Terman's book The Measurement of Intelligence was published.

1916 — Herbert A. Simon was born. Simon is a leader in artificial intelligence, cognition, and decision making, and coauthor (with Allen Newell) of the first heuristic problem-solving computer program (1955). APA Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award, 1969; Nobel prize, 1978; National Medal of Science, 1986; American Psychological Foundation Gold Medal, 1988; APA Outstanding Lifetime Contribution Award, 1993.

1931 — Carl Murchison's A Handbook of Child Psychology was first published.

1956 — Ivan Sechenov's likeness appeared on a stamp issued by the Soviet Union on this day.

1963 — Excavation began on the APA's newest headquarters building at 1200 17th Street, NW, Washington, DC. The architect for the building was Vlastmil Koubek and the contractor was Fuller and Company.

1973 — National Autistic Children's Week was declared.

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