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On June 11:

1749 — Physiologist Jacob Pereire reported to the French Academy of Sciences his program of successfully training a deaf person to read and speak, one of the first recorded programs of special education.

1818 — Alexander Bain was born. Bain bridged the eras of philosophical associationism and experimental psychology. He founded the first philosophical psychology journal, Mind, in 1876. The journal is still being published.

1912 — Lorrin A. Riggs was born. Riggs's research on human vision included studies of voluntary and involuntary eye movements, human color vision, afterimages, and pattern perception. His technical abilities have been responsible for the invention of several experimental instruments that are based on the contact lens. APA Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award, 1974.

1922 — Dalbir Bindra was born. Bindra's initial interests were in motivation and its relation to perception, learning, and cognition. His later work focused on the neural correlates of intelligent behavior. He played active roles in Canadian psychological organizations.

1927 — Earl A. Alluisi was born. Alluisi's career in the U.S. Air Force and at several universities resulted in groundbreaking human engineering research. He founded performance research laboratories at the University of Louisville and Old Dominion University and pioneered in the development of the Multiple Task Performance Battery.

1960 — Jean-Martin Charcot, pioneer neurologist and investigator of hypnotism, appeared on a postage stamp issued by France.

1962 — This was the first of 2 days of debate between B. F. Skinner and Carl Rogers on the topic of "Education and the Control of Human Behavior" at the University of Minnesota at Duluth.

1962 — The state of Delaware adopted its original licensure legislation regulating the practice of psychology.

1965 — Morton E. Bitterman's article "Phyletic Differences in Learning" was published in the American Psychologist.

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