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On June 8:

1948 — B. F. Skinner's Walden Two was published. The publisher, Macmillan, agreed to publish the book only on the condition that Skinner also write an introductory text for them.

1953 — The American Psychological Foundation (APF) was incorporated. The APF was created to receive donations and to financially support worthy projects in psychology. J. McVicker Hunt was elected president of the first board of directors.

1956 — Joseph V. Brady's article "Assessment of Drug Effects on Emotional Behavior" was published in Science. The article reported the selective effects of reserpine on anxiety responses and was followed by the establishment of behavioral pharmacology laboratories at virtually every major U.S. pharmaceutical company.

1960 — The Psychology Society was founded in New York. The society promotes the interests of psychological practitioners.

1965 — APA Executive Director Arthur Brayfield testified before a U.S. Senate subcommittee on the constitutionality of nonvoluntary psychological testing by public and private employers. The subcommittee was chaired by Senator Sam Ervin.

1967 — The state of Hawaii enacted its licensure law regulating the practice of psychology.

1990 — The first William James Fellow Awards were made by the Association for Psychological Science (then named the American Psychological Society) at its annual meeting in Dallas. The recipients were Frances K. Graham and William K. Estes.

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