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On March 27:

1857 — Karl Pearson was born. Pearson is one of the founders of modern statistics. He developed the widely used product-moment correlation coefficient (r) and the chi-square statistic.

1881 — Sir Godfrey Thompson was born. Thompson was one of the statisticians that developed the technique of factor analysis in the 1930s. He also devised the Northumberland Tests, now called the Moray House Tests, used in Great Britain for educational placement.

1909 — David Krech (Isadore Krechevsky) was born. Krech's work emphasized the role of social and cognitive factors in perception. He used the term "new look" to describe this approach. In later work, Krech and his colleagues produced a series of studies on brain chemistry and physical growth occurring in the brain as a consequence of learning. APA Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award, 1970.

1971 — The journal of the National Association of School Psychologists, now named School Psychology Review, was first published. Its first title was School Psychology Digest.

1985 — The APA Monitor announced the production of two series of 30- and 60-second public service messages for radio. One series was on stress and one was on psychological research. The tapes were made available to state psychological associations for local distribution.

1986 — The Idaho Psychological Association was incorporated.

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