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On March 26:

1927 — Barbara Snell Dohrenwend was born. Dohrenwend's interests were in community psychology, health psychology, and psychological epidemiology. Her research included studies of suffering, stress, locus of decision making, and interviewer behavior. She and Bruce Dohrenwend were frequent collaborators in this work.

1946 — Governor Tuck of the Commonwealth of Virginia signed its certification law for the practice of psychology, Senate Bill 237. Virginia was the second state to regulate the practice of professional psychology, preceded by Connecticut in 1945. Dorota Rymarkiewiczowa chaired the committee that promoted the legislation. The certification board first met on May 9, 1946, at the John Marshall Hotel in Richmond.

1954 — The antipsychotic drug Thorazine (chlorpromazine hydrochloride; Smith, Kline, and French) was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It was the first of the phenothiazines put into general use and works primarily by blocking the neural transmitter dopamine. Thorazine became widely, even abusively, used in institutional settings.

1992 — The state of Wisconsin enacted legislation to allow psychologists to admit hospital patients.

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