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On March 22:

1889 — Walter S. Hunter was born. A comparative psychologist, Hunter used maze learning to investigate factors influencing behavior and invented the delayed reaction and double alternation tests of animal learning. He was also one of the founders of Psychological Abstracts (1937). APA President, 1931.

1916 — Nathan Kline was born. Kline was a psychiatrist who pioneered the use of drug therapy, especially the use of lithium carbonate in treating depression.

1943 — The Education Ministry of the German Third Reich clarified its psychologist certification law by listing four possible areas of certification: educational, vocational, industrial, and business psychology. Certification in psychotherapy was deliberately excluded. Psychiatrists had complained that an earlier law appeared to equate their credentials with those of psychologists.

1973 — Albert Bandura's book Aggression: A Social Learning Analysis was published.

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