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On March 14:

1895 — Phyllis Blanchard was born. Blanchard's career in clinical psychology was marked by a long association with the Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic. Her books, The Adolescent Girl (1920) and An Introduction to Mental Hygiene (1930) are representative of her expertise.

1910 — Oran Wendle Eagleson was born. Eagleson, an African American psychologist, earned his way from high school through the PhD by working in a shoe repair shop. His research interests included racial and ethnic issues, problem solving, handwriting, music, and personality.

1925 — The newly incorporated APA adopted its official seal and bylaws and assumed the property and membership of the unincorporated APA.

1960 — Ernst Hans Gombrich's book Art and Illusion: A Study in the Psychology of Pictorial Representation was published.

1962 — The petition to re-create APA Division 6 (Physiological and Comparative Psychology) was submitted. An earlier Division 6 had merged with Division 3 (Experimental Psychology) in 1949. The re-created Division 6 reestablished separate subfield representation. Sidney Weinstein promoted the creation of the division.

1969 — The founding and first annual meeting of the National Association of School Psychologists was held in St. Louis.

1986 — Paul H. Blaney's article "Affect and Memory: A Review" was published in Psychological Bulletin.

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