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On February 17:

1864 — Male criminal patients were separated from patients with mental illness at Bethlehem Hospital, London, by sending the criminal patients to Broadmoor Asylum, constructed in 1863.

1890 — Sir Ronald Fisher was born. Fisher was an agricultural statistician who developed the analysis of variance and coined the terms null hypothesis, degrees of freedom, and randomized block design. The analysis of variance F ratio is named for the initial of Fisher's name.

1925 — William J. McGuire was born. McGuire's social psychological research has focused on the nature of attitudes, attitude persistence, and attitude change. His studies of resistance to persuasion induced by "inoculation" procedures are widely cited. Later research has examined the content of spontaneous self-descriptions. APA Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award, 1988.

1967 — Arthur Jensen delivered a pivotal address on "Social Class, Race, and Genetics: Implications for Education" to the American Educational Research Association's annual meeting. The address helped to reignite the controversy over racial differences in intelligence.

1970 — Inge Broverman, Donald Broverman, Frank Clarkson, Paul Rosencrantz, and Susan Vogel's article "Sex-Role Stereotypes and Clinical Judgments of Mental Health" was published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.

1970 — West Virginia passed its original bill regulating the licensing of psychologists. West Virginia was the 42nd state with a licensing or certification law. Kenneth Loemker, Donald G. Auer, Denos G. Demopoulos, Joyce LoBello, and Edugen Quarrick served on the first Board of Examiners of Psychologists.

1995 — The APA Council of Representatives approved the creation of APA Division 51 (Men and Masculinity). Ronald F. Levant was instrumental in organizing the new division.

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