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On January 5:

1900 — Florence Halpern was born. Halpern was considered the "grandmother of psychology" in New York. Her interests were in clinical psychology, especially the assessment and treatment of children. She was part of a group that advocated the first certification bill for psychologists in New York.

1911 — Gunnar Johansson was born. Johansson's studies of visual event perception have examined human interpretation of moving stimuli over time. Special topics have been perceptual vector analysis, perception of minimal events, biological motion, nonrigid motion, self-motion, and natural motion. APA Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award, 1986.

1926 — Jesse G. Harris, Jr., was born. Harris was a clinical psychologist whose research interests included premorbid competence and schizophrenia, clinical versus actuarial prediction, clinical diagnosis, and character structure and performance of Peace Corps volunteers.

1948 — The manual for the Miller Analogies Test was published.

1953 — The Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association was first published.

1959 — Harry Harlow's article "The Nature of Love" was published in the American Psychologist.

1973 — The petition to create APA Division 34 (Population and Environmental Psychology) was submitted. Sidney Newman headed the petitioning group.

1990 — Garaldine Downey and James C. Coyne's article "Children of Depressed Parents: An Integrative Review" was published in Psychological Bulletin. This literature review was among the most frequently cited psychology articles of the early 1990s.

1993 — Ted Strickland, the first psychologist elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, was sworn into office. Strickland represented the Sixth District of Ohio, where he was a consulting psychologist at the Ohio Correctional Facility. Strickland, a Democrat, was defeated in 1994, when Republicans won control of both the House and Senate.

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