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On January 4:

1895 — James McKeen Cattell purchased the failing journal Science in late 1894 and published its first issue under his editorship on this date. The journal had been founded in 1883 by Alexander Graham Bell and Gardiner Hubbard.

1916 — Sidney Siegel was born. Siegel was a statistician and decision theorist who provided, among other contributions, a widely used text in nonparametric statistics.

1937 — Abraham A. Brill's English translation of Josef Breuer and Sigmund Freud's book Studies in Hysteria was published in the United States.

1948 — Alfred Kinsey's book Sexual Behavior in the Human Male was published. Kinsey's extensive surveys of sexual behavior in men attracted great popular interest and was commonly known as "The Kinsey Report."

1954 — Lee J. Cronbach's book Educational Psychology was published.

1957 — Calvin Hall and Gardner Lindzey's book Theories of Personality was published. This review of historical and contemporary theories became a standard text in the area.

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