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On January 2:

1882 — Jean-Martin Charcot was appointed to the newly created Chair of Nervous Diseases at the Salpêtrière, the first formal recognition of neurology as a separate medical discipline.

1899 — Fred S. Keller was born. Keller, an early radical behaviorist, is best known for the development of the personalized system of instruction (PSI), a self-paced method of instruction that is based on behavioral principles. He won the first American Psychological Foundation Award for Distinguished Teaching in 1970. APA Distinguished Scientific Award for Applications of Psychology, 1976.

1901 — David Shakow was born. Shakow's research on thought disturbances in schizophrenia was widely read. He was active in the development of modern professional standards of clinical psychology. He headed the National Institute of Mental Health Psychology Laboratory for many years. APA Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award, 1975; APA Distinguished Professional Contribution Award, 1976.

1918 — Kenneth B. Little was born. Little's interests have been in clinical psychology and the history and systems of psychology. APA Executive Officer, 1969-1975.

1925 — The American Psychological Association was incorporated.

1951 — Carl Rogers's book Client-Centered Therapy was published. The book described the philosophy and practice of nondirective psychotherapy.

1964 — Bernard Berelson and Gary A. Steiner's book Human Behavior: An Inventory of Scientific Findings was published. By 1979, their book had been cited in over 330 other publications and appeared as a "citation classic" in the journal Current Contents.

1968 — Thomas H. Holmes and Richard H. Rahe published the Schedule of Recent Experience, a noteworthy scale for assessing the stressful impact of readjusting to recent life events. An earlier version of the scale had appeared in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research.

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