Student Washington Education Association
Central Washington University Chapter
What is the S.W.E.A.?
  • The Student Washington Education Association is a professional association for students pursuing a degree in the field of education.
What is the purpose of S.W.E.A.?
  • The purpose of the Student Washington Education Association is to provide learning opportunities that address student needs, represent student interests, build and sustain association and institutional relationships, link student with the association and their profession, and provide student teaching liability insurance through W.E.A.
  • Professional Development
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • $1 Million Liability Insurance (required in some school districts)
  • Paid Travel Opportunities
  • Representation - Your Voice Is Heard!
  • Monthly Publications
Advisor and Club Officers:
    • President - Cheri Norman
    • Vice President - Sara Dunn
    • Secretary - position open
    • Treasurer - Kathy Kemp
    • Public Relations - Erin Madsen
    • Membership Chair - Brenna Peterson
    • Senator - Raina Rouse
    • Alternate Senator - position open
    • Photographer - Stacy Givens
    • Fundraising Chair - position open
    • Activity Coordinator - position open
    • Historian - position open
Mission Statement:
The mission of the Student Washington Education Association is to make public education the best it can be for students, teachers, staff, and communities as a whole.

Fall 2006 Meetings:
Tuesdays, Black Hall Room 138 - 6:00pm
CWU Ellensburg Campus
Please come check us out!

Contact Cheri at
Come to our office in Black Hall Room 204-4
CWU Ellensburg Campus